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Getting to know Darrel


Favourite Book or Film: Most Sci Fi really, but I do have a soft spot for the Back to the Future trilogy!

Favourite Place: Anywhere by the Sea

Favourite Sport: Badminton for playing or watching Basketball

Can’t leave home without: iPhone, boring I know!

What’s on your ipod?: Fairport Convention and John Martyn through to Iron Maiden and Metallica. Also a lot in  between.



Getting to know Joanne


Favourite Book or Film: Anne of Green Gables and The Buddha of Suburbia

Favourite Place: By the Sea.

Favourite Sport: Tennis, but watching rather playing! Also watching my son play basketball.

Can’t leave home without: My phone and hand sanitizer

What’s on your ipod?: An eclectic mix; Ellie Goulding and Guns n Roses.


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